Monday, October 14, 2013

Open Offers


As discussed last year in the ppt on delisting, given the dwindling opportunities in Delisting space and the worsening risk-reward ratio we have been in search of other special situation opportunities.

The ppt below is an attempt to discuss another special situation opportunity "Open Offers" in detail.

We would like to emphasise that certain portfolio allocation to such special situations gives you absolute returns in a bear market as well. Also one can also shift such positions at minimal loss into long term opportunities if meanwhile market corrections present a more lucrative long term bet.

The following ppt on open offer was made this year at the ISG forum meet in Delhi, CFA Delhi Chapter meet in Delhi and then the IIF forum meet in Mumbai. We have tried to further revise the ppt as per the feedback received.

Look forward to your valuable comments and suggestions :)

Open Offers from perfectresearch

The author (Mr. Ashish Kila) would like to thank his entire team, for their extensive help in preparation of the above note.
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